Volunteer Appreciation Month Blog Post # 4: by Jeny Wegbreit

This is the fourth  in a series of blog posts highlighting the work done by our volunteers. We asked Jeny Wegbreit why she got involved with Asante Africa, here is her answer:

Jeny Wegbreit Photo

Tell us how you came to Asante Africa Foundation.
I heard about Asante Africa through a friend. I believed in the mission of Asante Africa and when I got to know the staff and volunteers, I felt compelled to contribute to such a driven and focused team.

What makes Asante Africa Different?
The leadership at Asante Africa is compassionate, ambitious and thoughtful. In every process, from grantwriting to evaluation, the leadership ensures that activities are driven by in-country needs and are well articulated and executed.

What is your greatest memory of volunteering so far?
My birthday call from Erna!

What new skills have you learn while volunteering?
I have learned the intricacies of a 7-way conference call:)

Do you feel you are making a difference by volunteering?
Yes. The scale and impact of the work I do for Asante Africa makes the work feel personal.

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. – William James





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