Volunteer Appreciation Month Blog Post # 5: by Wilson Perez

Volunteering is a fun and easy way to explore your interests and passions. Volunteers who give their time, energy, and skills are a vital part of achieving our goals helping to promote quality educational access and leadership development for children in East Africa.

Our volunteers are key contributors to our success in a number of positions. Wilson is one of them, and we would like to recognize his amazing job in elevating our online presence. He shares his personal experience and reflects on why people should volunteer with Asante Africa Foundation.


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Why Asante Africa Foundation over other nonprofits?
I wanted to work in an education-related nonprofit again, but I was tired of after-school tutoring programs and community centers. When I found out about Asante Africa Foundation and the way they use education to create a solution to the problems affecting the communities they work in, I was drawn to that idea of a more sustainable approach rather than a band-aid-like solution.

What do you tell others about Asante Africa Foundation?
That it is a well run organization and that the money goes where it is most needed and that they should consider making a donation.

What makes Asante Africa Foundation Different?
To expand on what I said before, I love that they get the communities involved to figure out how to best help the students in those communities succeed so that they in turn can help their communities succeed when they grow up.

How did your internship help you?
I’ve learned a lot of new skills and explored some new career avenues I would have never considered.

What would you tell another volunteer?
If they’re new I would tell them to not feel overwhelmed; the team is pretty good at figuring out how to best utilize people’s skills.

What is your best memory of volunteering?
Last year’s fall celebration – I was there pretty much all day; the energy in the room was incredible and it was pretty awesome to see every piece come together.

What new skills did you learn when volunteering?
I’ve learned how to use some new tools (Salesforce, Hubspot, WordPress, Vertical Response, etc.) and I’ve learned to use skills I already had in different ways.

“Wilson has taken our website to a whole new level. His design sense and his can-do attitude have been an invaluable asset to our marketing team.”
Monica Hahn
Asante Africa Foundation Board of Directors


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