Volunteer Appreciation Month Blog Post # 3: by Volunteer Nick James

This is the third in a series of blog posts highlighting the work done by our volunteers. This week’s blog post was written by one of our marketing and communications volunteers; Nick James. We asked Nick why he got involved with Asante Africa, here is his answer:


What drew me to Asante African Foundation was its commitment to understanding and developing rural African communities by local standards. The negative consequences of globalization have marginalized many groups of people; I found it so compelling and uplifting that the organization maintains such a profound connection with the communities it serves and offers need based assistance that empowers individuals to grow and improve on their own rubric.

The Asante mission aligns seamlessly with my own views, particularly in its efforts with girls’ empowerment and education. Many developing countries do not embrace gender equality, and it is not feasible to expect these economies to grow when half of their workforce is not empowered to participate. The organization ameliorates this issue not just by educating young girls and protecting them from practices that harm their futures, but also educating boys and engaging parents to change the culture to one more understanding and accepting of education and equality.

I am continually inspired and amazed by the level of communication, accountability, and dedication demonstrated by everyone I’ve worked with so far – all of whom are volunteers – and this is undoubtedly a testament to the abilities and vision of leadership. I look forward to fostering the relationships I am building, taking on more responsibility, and ultimately having more of an impact on the world.




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