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Volunteer Appreciation Blog Post: Katherine’s Story

By Enrie Legaspi

KatherineThe newest addition to the volunteer highlight series is Katherine Blandon. She is a Colombian native who, after an internship with Asante Africa Foundation, decided to stay as a volunteer and continue to help with additional projects. Her internship also helped her land a job in a non-profit organization in San Francisco. Her amazing personality, HR skills, and experience help us manage our volunteers. We asked Katherine few questions. Here are her answers:

Why did you apply for internship at Asante Africa Foundation? What makes this organization different?

“I applied for an internship at Asante Africa Foundation because I wanted to get experience in Human Resources, and new management skills. At the same time, I am passionate about helping people to im Continue reading

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“Win the Day” – Guest blog post by Jeanne Beacham, CEO of Delphon

1aIn my company, our guiding philosophy is “Win the Day.” It applies to everything we do. My recent sabbatical gave the phrase new meaning. I spent a month in Kenya, working with Asante Africa Foundation to teach teachers and kids in the community called Wamba, a poor bush community of 25,000 people, most of whom live in huts out in the bush.

I saw so many beautiful sights, and met amazing, warm people who persevere past what we would believe to be roadblocks. The community is strong and the schools are supported by the tribe. The children are eager to learn. They listen intently and respectfully and appreciate everything they have. They work long hours on school work, tending the goats, and cleaning their own uniforms each day so they can go back to school the next.

The experience put many things in new pe Continue reading

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