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Serious about Education, Technology, Economy… and Africa


AFRICATECH_graphic (1)Africa will be the key player in the African Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in the next five years. Virtually all African economies show promising year-on-year growth. This is attracting the attention of the international investor community who increasingly see Africa as “The last frontier” for attractive growth opportunities (McKinsey & Company).

To sustain this economic progress requires increased investment in physical and human capital to ensuring that future producers and consumers have the skills to compete. As Continue reading

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Technology in the Classroom Initiative

Technology in the Classroom Initiative banner

The youth of Africa have many qualities and abilities that can be developed, that can lead to enormous economic opportunities. Unfortunately, in Africa opportunities for development are not endless.Despite our increasingly interconnected world, many people are still unable to access the benefits provided by technology. For example,

only 2% of Kenyans have access to broadband services today (Communications Commissions of Kenya). In many countries in Africa, even fewer are connected. Having worked with students, teachers, and partner communities in Africa for over 7 years, Asante Africa Foundation is working to deliver low-cost, high-quality broadband access to rural African communities through its Technology in the Classroom Initiative.

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