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Bay Area Professionals Inspired by Opportunity in Africa

Bay Area professionals congregated for the inaugural event in Asante Africa Foundation’s Thought Leadership Series to watch a group of passionate individuals discuss the intersection of philanthropy and investment and the opportunities they present in Africa. The event was a success by any standard; influential investors, CEOs and authors came together to debate the merits and opportunities presented by African markets. Hosted Kevin Ichhpurani of SAP, who provided an overview of SAP’s investment in Africa, the program featured two keynote speakers and a panel of participants from a variety of backgrounds moderated by Mark Yolton, Cisco VP of Digital.

Dayo Olopade, author of The Bright ContinentThe night’s first speaker, Dayo Olopade, gave an uplifting account of her move to Nairobi, where she journe Continue reading

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Invigorated by African Business

by Colin Higgins with Nick James

In Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, taxi cab drivers take payments via mobile phone. After depositing some cash at the airport a-la a Bureau de Change exchange, I was set for an incredibly smooth consumer experience. African do business using mobile phonesEveryone from roadside merchants to tour guides charges for their goods and services via an SMS service called M-Pesa, which drives business for 18.2 million users. Safaricom, the provider of this service, has been publicly traded since 2002.

The common perception of market opportunities in Africa is distorted, and lacking an understanding of the ubiquity of technology. In fact, the proliferation of wireless connectivity is already enabling the economies of Tanzania and Kenya to participate in tech, leapfrogging traditional barri Continue reading

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