The Bright Future of Tanzania: Lucian Graduates to Second Lieutenant

Celebrating a Military Graduation this Memorial Day Lucian Salema now a Second Lieutenant

There is much to celebrate this Memorial Day. Lucian, one of Asante Africa’s rising stars, recently graduated as a Second Lieutenant from the Monduli Military Academy. We are celebrating a bit more than usual because  his path has not always been an easy one.

Lucien-SalemaUnlike in the U.S. where public education is free, students in Tanzania must pay for books, uniforms, and school fees. With the support from a committed and passionate sponsor from the U.S., two talented but orphaned young twins – Lucian and his twin sister, Luciana – were given the opportunity to go to high school.

During their years there, the siblings frequently competed for the #1 position and constantly pushed each other to be the best of their class (click here to watch a “throwback” video of Lucian and Luciana!). Both are also active alumni of the Leadership & Entrepreneurship Incubator program (LEI) which set the stage for their leadership roles today.  In 2014, Lucian graduated high school at the top of his class and was quickly recruited by the Tanzanian military to join their elite engineering branch. Two years later, Lucian is finished with the required intensive officers training program and is now a graduate and Second Lieutenant.

Lucien-Salema,gradSince graduation ceremonies are in full swing in the U.S., we thought it would be an excellent time to celebrate Lucian’s accomplishments and to recognize him both as a leader of his generation and of the future of Tanzania. Additionally, we want to appreciate those who have supported him along the way; without you, Lucian and many others wouldn’t have the opportunities that they have today. 

Congratulations Lucian!

This a great achievement not only for Lucian BUT also for our organization and our donors who are tirelessly working on supporting these youth to be in the classroom and study towards reaching and living their dreams.

Go on keeping the good work you are doing in nurturing these young people.” – Ewald Tesha, TZ Country Program Manager


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One Response to The Bright Future of Tanzania: Lucian Graduates to Second Lieutenant

  1. Nechi Kiwelu says:

    This is the big motivation to the rest of young Tanzanians who wish to achieve high in their future lives. I am honoured to see the fruits of my own work (where I tought them Geography & History) becoming the basic need to so many hungry people out there. May God bless Asante Africa foundation for the good job you are doing. Hongera sana to Lucian for this greater step. Wish to see you leading with high integrity and Godfearing heart.

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