Girls’ Advancement Program: Wezesha Vijana

By: Erna Grasz, CEO Asante Africa Foundation

It takes a Global Village to raise a child – Observations from the field

With International Women’s day  just around the corner (March 8th) I pause to think about how strong and resilient women and girls in developing countries are in their day to day lives.


Recently, the Kenya team and I met with the School Principal, Esther, at Nchaishi Primary School in deeply rural Kenya. Principal Esther, noted that our programs are transforming the school, the teachers and particularly the children. Three years ago this school had zero girls in 7th or 8th grade because they had all dropped out. She was very proud in describing how over the last three years since our programs began, there have been zero girls lost to early marriage, rape, or pregnancy.

What is of greater significance is that for the first time in history, 3 girls have now graduated from 8th grade academically achieving grades high enough to attend program-01a “National” High School. While the girls are too poor to afford this level of schooling, the community came together to fund raise enough money for their fees, and expenses. This is a community success, not just the success of a single child.

Asante Africa Foundation is proud to be a part of the global village bringing together the school leadership, parents, and community members to enable their children to rise to their potential in spite of the odds and challenges rural life in Kenya presents.

See how our program is changing lives!girlsprogram

For more information please see our Program Impact Page


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