Meet Our 2016 Team


New talents, strengths and skills ensure our continued commitment to innovate, stretch and grow as a global organization.

Introducing the newest additions of the Global Operations Team.

As we enter 2016 we are introducing several new additions to the Global Operations team. Most of these individuals you have met throughout 2015 and their roles were formalized as we started 2016. Each new staff member brings unique strengths and skill sets to contribute to the Vision of Impacting One Million Lives by 2020.

I, Erna Grasz as CEO of the Global Operations Team, am proud to introduce you to the 2016 staff of Rebekah Owen as our Chief Operations Officer and Shweta Chooramini as Director of Global Programs and Strategic Partnerships. We also have Clara Jeronimo, joining us as the Director of Global Communications and Marketing.

In both Kenya and Tanzania, we continue to grow, invest and strengthen the skills and capacity to manage more complex programs, cultivate partnerships with like-minded organizations, and build strong enduring relationships with the Government organizations. Collectively, Asante Africa’s Global Leadership team is energized and excited to tackle the boldest of plans for 2016.


images-05profiles-01  images-03


             Erna Grasz                Rebekah Owen        Shweta Chooramani        Clara Jeronimo

Chief Executive                          Chief Operating                      Global Programs Director            Global Communications 
Officer                                          Officer                                                                                                   & Marketing Director

 link-512color-icons-01                        color-icons-01 link-512                          color-icons-01 link-512                         color-icons-01 link-512


As the year progresses we will keep you abreast of any and all latest updates. Please be sure and sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media.



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