Volunteer Spotlight – Soumya Radhakrishnan


I have always wanted to be a part of something that helps meet people’s primary needs. When I heard about Asante Africa Foundation and the kind of work it does, I did not have to think twice.

Volunteering as an HR consultant at Asante Africa Foundaiton not only helped meet the above objective but also, provided a platform to hone my existing skills and develop new ones. Moreover, when I learned about the education scene in East Africa, it gave me perspective. It helped me understand the important things in life.

The backbone of any organization is its people. Thanks to Erna, Shirley, and my HR team with whom I had a chance to work. Their energy and passion are contagious.

I look forward to exploring different ways I can contribute my talents and skills to Asante Africa Foundation.

Asante Sana.


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One Response to Volunteer Spotlight – Soumya Radhakrishnan

  1. Hope kedogo says:

    hi i do like this organization can i get to work with you?
    i only did DIP in Early childhood education

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