Volunteer Spotlight – Camille Walker

Camille I began my experience with Asante Africa Foundation as an intern in late 2014. I was drawn to this organization because of their dedication to impacting students’ lives through education. I also had an interest in understanding how non-profits were run and operated.

My experience as an intern has really pushed me to see my full potential. When I first started with Asante I was extremely quiet and didn’t say much. Which was kind of ironic because I was placed on the Development Team. Meaning I had to ask people for money. I was assigned various tasked that challenged me to speak to others and push my quiet and shy nature to the side. My tasks include contacting guests about events, speaking to hosts about their set up for their house parties and (the most challenging) asking people for money.

Those are just a few tasks that I have completed in my time as an intern. My most memorable experience as an intern would have to be the Perspiration for Education run that took place this April. My team and I had decided to raise two scholarships fro two students, Tumain and Samuel. Altogether, we were able to raise $5300 dollars, enough for at least 5 scholarships for students. This showed me how powerful my voice was, and all I had to do was ask and people were willing to help. This specific event stands out because I learned a lot about myself but I also was able to impact students’ lives with the help of my lovely team.

This opportunity to intern with Asante Africa Foundation has given me the opportunity to gain confidence, enhance my organizational skills, and improve my communication skills. Not only did it help me improve in these areas, but it confirmed my interest in the non-profit sector.

I believe that Asante Africa Foundation will continue to transform the world and impact students’ lives in tremendous ways.

I would like to say to my team, thank you all for your continuous support and helping me grow.



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One Response to Volunteer Spotlight – Camille Walker

  1. Shiphira Mkamburi says:

    Hello Asante Africa!…I am a young indvidual and wishing to join the team in this good Course for the society.Kindly email me

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