Volunteer Spotlight: Justin’s Story

JustinI first started volunteering with Asante Africa Foundation because of my interest in international development and desire to work within the non-profit field. My experience as an intern these last seven months has exceeded all of my expectations. Asante is a small but quickly growing organization and there is plenty of work to do. My tasks shifted from donor outreach to marketing user engagement analysis.
Almost two months ago however, I was made project manager for a panel discussion regarding the link between girls’ education and a prospering global economy.  I was charged with mobilizing the efforts, talents and contacts of a 20-person team.  I had never led such a sizeable project outside of school before. Under an uncomfortably tight timeline and some serious doubts, the panel was a clear success. Our speakers and panelists rocked the house and our audience, almost 70 in total, was clearly engaged.
This experience gave me the opportunity to excel. It has greatly enhanced my confidence along with my organizational and managerial skills; and it has affirmed my desire to work in the international development field. I have seen what happens when a small and collaborative group gets behind a clear purpose. I believe in Asante’s vision, I believe in their approach and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with this dynamic group. So I say to my team, Asante Sana (Swahili for thank you very much)!


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One Response to Volunteer Spotlight: Justin’s Story

  1. Renata says:

    Hey Justin! great to see the outcome (so far) of your internship in Asante! we met on your first day, I guess, at that mini-happy hour in Oakland! I am now in Swizerland working but still following Asante’s news! congrats on your work! and Asante Sana to you! 🙂

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