Meet some of our current amazing interns!

Every year Asante Africa Foundation has interns who give their time and skills to the organization. Some of these interns are on a break over the summer from college, while others are new graduates working on building their resumes. We’d like to introduce you to some of our current amazing interns:

IsabellaIsabella Kaser:
In addition to interning with Asante Africa Foundation, Isabella enjoys spending time with her new puppies, family, and friends. She currently is majoring in Biology and minoring in Sociology at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. After graduating she is considered getting her Masters of Public Health and joining the Peace Corps. During her internship she has worked on the summer campaign to recruit new monthly donors. She also helped with the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator campaign and revamping the Youth in Action webpage. When asked about her favorite accomplishment during the internship she said, “I don’t have much experience with marketing and media, so working on this campaign was a great experience. I learned so much! I also loved meeting so many hardworking and inspiring people!” Isabella chose to intern at Asante Africa Foundation because she felt passionate about our mission and our work. Finally, she would tell future interns, “Enjoy your time working with all these awesome people!”

ThanhThanh Phan
“As a finance graduate, I have a tendency to look at everything from a financial viewpoint. What I see in Asante Africa Foundation is an efficient organization, which is always striving to allocate every possible nickel from donors to where it is needed. I believe it is made possible because of the awesome and inspiring board of management, as well as the passionate team of volunteers. This is what drew me to Asante. I’m currently working on the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator team, doing survey evaluation to provide further insight into program efficiency and children’s behavior. I’m so glad that Asante gave me the opportunity to work with enthusiastic and experienced people like Ashley, our program director, or David, a volunteer who has been working with Asante for several years. They had been helping me out and giving me a lot of advice ever since the day I started my internship. In a few weeks, I’m going to start my Masters degree in Development Economics in University of San Francisco and I’m certain that Asante had provided me meaningful and precious experience. I hope that future interns will be able to experience what I had and I hope that Asante Africa Foundation will continue to grow bigger and stronger so that it will be able to continue to support the development of Africa.”

TessaTessa Runels
Tessa currently attends Boston University and upon graduation wants to pursue her Masters in Public Health. During her internship with the Programs team, she proposed methodology for the qualitative evaluation of data, transcribed audio interviews, participated in data entry, and conducted analysis of qualitative surveys. Her favorite accomplishment during her internship was writing her first project proposal. Tessa choose to spend her summer interning with Asante Africa Foundation because, “I am interested in making a difference in this region and understand the importance of education on not only individuals, but also communities.” If she could talk with future interns she would say, “working here is a rewarding experience that allows you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to real life instances.”

Thanks Isabella, Thanh, and Tessa for all your help this summer!!

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