Volunteer Appreciation Blog Post: Nisha’s story

Volunteers have an enormous impact on our organization. They make a big difference in the day-to-day life of African children. Nisha is one of our amazing volunteers who had the opportunity to do something meaningful and she decided to start with this awesome experience 3 years ago.

ImageNisha joined Asante Africa as a Berkeley Board Fellow and her initial role was to benchmark the digital marketing efforts. From then on, she initiated and helped through a website redesign, managed the Google analytics implementation, moved the organization to Google email and most recently helped analyze and determine new tools to take our digital marketing efforts to the next level.

She states, “You are working with people with experience across the spectrum – from high school interns to folks with many years of experience. This brings you a very unique working opportunity – you are a mentor and mentee at the same time.”

We asked Nisha what she tells others about Asante Africa:

“An amazing results oriented organization. An organization that is growing by leaps and bounds. The culture within Asante Africa is something I have not seen elsewhere. A very passionate and go get it all crew. Folks are in different time zones, spread across the world, but manage to get such exemplary work done. With Erna, there is a sense of family as well. She manages to keep all folks involved in the organization and should say for sure is the reason I have stayed on for this long. She invests in you – her time and effort.

What is Nisha’s greatest memory for volunteering?

“1. The new website launch. – One of the first recommendations I made after joining Asante Africa was to revamp the website. Very humbling to see the site relaunch and see the organization reaching new heights.

2. My MBA graduation – I mentioned to Erna that I would be in California for my graduation. She, Shirley, Monica, and Sapna (with her two kids) braved the sun to cheer me on as I was graduating. I was honored with the HAAS “Beyond Yourself” award for volunteer hours I put with Asante Africa. The very fact that they drove all the way to cheer me on was very humbling in itself.”

Board member Monica Hahn, who leads the marketing team and has worked with Nisha since she was a Berkeley Board Fellow, said, “Nisha’s outstanding technical skills have been critical to enhancing our digital presence and building awareness of Asante Africa Foundation. She is a selfless, collaborative team member and we are incredibly fortunate to have her.”

Volunteering is about giving, contributing, and helping other individuals and the community at large. We are very thankful to work with people who are making a meaningful contribution to build a better world. Consistent with our “Pay it Forward” philosophy, we delight in giving back to them the support and experiences that help them grow.

by Katherine Blandon



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