“Why I Invest in Africa” by Laura DeVere – Social Capital foundation is pleased to announce a 3-year grant matching up to $20,000 in donations toward LEI

As mankind races into the future, we are creating unprecedented wealth for some, while leaving behind millions of young people. They dream of a happy life however has been born into a region where education is expensive and difficult to obtain, jobs are few and economic possibilities are limited – Africa. While the continent is experiencing a population explosion, it continues to be dogged by lagging economic development, which leads to high unemployment. Therefore, there is a real opportunity for those of us willing to invest in the continent and its youth. By doing so we not only facilitate a brighter future for them, we are working toward creating a more peaceful and sustainable world for all young people. Without hope, young people become desperate, creating unrest and violence.

The Social Capital Foundation, based in Europe, believes in the strength of the human spirit, its ingenuity and youthful promise – globally. We also recognize living in Europe how connected our success is to the southern continents. By investing in education, leadership training and youth employment readiness we are working to capitalize on the opportunities for advancement. We recognized that our economic and political stability is intertwined.


To date, SCF has witnessed many first hand examples of the power of relatively modest investments in providing opportunities for families and entire communities. We are witnessing these changes first hand in creating leaders and vibrant communities. We invite you to join us in investing in their future and our collective future. Asante Africa Foundation’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator is particularly effective because they work with local professionals to present leadership, life skills and career readiness topics in ways that are truly applicable to these youth and their communities.

Therefore the Social Capital foundation is pleased to announce a 3-year grant matching up to $20,000 in donations toward this program. I hope you’ll join us in investing in the potential of Africa.

Laura DeVere

Director, Social Capital Foundation


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