Education Drives Technology


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12The importance of inventiveness and creativity in promoting economic development is well recognized.  The sources of wealth are increasingly found in intellectual, as opposed to physical, capital.  For example, it is technical innovation, traditionally rewarded through the patent system that steers the evolution of the digital technologies and attracts investment.

Inventiveness and creativity is driven by human resource development, particularly through education and research and skills training. Modernized education and training is enabled through technologies such as computers and power and broadband infrastructure, which have proven to be key factors in preparing a ready workforce for the digital economy.

The ability to compete in the digital economy will allow African countries to access new international markets at low cost and with minimal capital investment. For example, Asante Africa Foundation is partnering with the Kenyan and Tanzanian governments to successfully foster economic development by focusing on each nation’s human resources through education and skills training leveraging high technology, particularly in rural areas.

The economic sectors likely to benefit the most from the introduction of computers and infrastructure technology into rural African classrooms are the services areas (computer hardware and software, tourism services, publishing and information services, finance, Internet services, and other professional services).

wThe major obstacles to an African nation realizing these opportunities is the necessity for up-front investment, the absence of a sufficient information infrastructure, (consisting of affordable telecommunications, accessible network services, computer hardware and software, and technical know-how and support), and power infrastructure – particularly to rural areas. Asante Africa Foundation is endeavoring, through its Technology in the Classroom Initiative, to mitigate the obstacles faced by African nations by partnering with the business community to ensure that Africa can participate and compete in the global economy.

The major emphasis of the Technology in the Classroom Initiative is on education and skills training. Key to the Initiative is Asante Africa Foundation working with the business community and policy-makers in country to understand, assess and assimilate the new technologies.

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