Getty Images Creative Grant Winners’ Exclusive Premiere

965361_10201077728858639_1878220960_oFollowing weeks of preparation, in July, 2013 Getty Images Creative Grant Award Winners, Elley Ho and Heward Jue set out on a month long journey to East Africa to collaborate on a once in a lifetime project. The project’s objective: to convey the personal stories of children whose lives have been transformed through the gift of education. Elley and Heward’s journey would take them into the deepest rural villages where they would experience the diverse and rich cultures of the people and be embraced by the generosity of the students, parents and the local communities whose lives have been changed.


On Saturday, November 9, the premiere of this creative collaboration on behalf of Asante Africa Foundation will be viewed for the first time. A special session with Elley and Heward will reveal the details of their personal journey of passion and love for the project. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to connect and be part of the journey.



Tickets are still available. LEARN MORE

Elley Ho is a California-based photographer who began her career as a special education teacher. Her love of working with children inspired her to pick up a camera and document their struggles and growth. During this process, she discovered a new talent and passion for capturing beauty and emotion, leading to a parallel career as an independent motion and still photographer. In addition to educating children, she seeks to educate and engage people through her photography,

Heward Jue is an award-winning art director, designer and photographer. As a global citizen, Heward gets the most satisfaction when he can use his talents and training to bring awareness to problems, and affect social change. Throughout his career, he has donated his services to help causes such as The Breast Cancer Fund, Until There’s A Cure Foundation (HIV), Goodwill, Rape Treatment Center, the Marin Humane Society, and Asante Africa Foundation.


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