Engaging Mothers in the Futures of Their Daughters

October 11 is International Day of the Girl 

Today is International Day of the Girl and at Asante Africa Foundation, we know that educating a girl takes a community. In an effort to provide sustainable and viable solutions, we believe engaging the local communities in which we work, is the first step toward making a difference for all girls around the globe. motherdaughter

Olloroito Primary School is located in the interior of Narok County in Kenya. It is at Olloroito that Asante Africa Foundation initiated a new program aimed at empowering girls with knowledge around life skills and reproductive health by utilizing a new approach in order to begin the dialogue and education process.

The program was developed after a visit to Ollorioto a year ago where Asante Africa Foundation staff witnessed an alarming trend: there were very few girls compared to boys in the school. The trend remained and the disparity increased from class four to class eight.

To help the community address the issues at hand, we initiated a program aimed at solving the following:

  • Poor performance by the girls in school
  • High number of school drop outs
  • High number of early pregnancies

mom1Asante Africa Foundation decided that getting at the root of the issues would involve an open and engaged conversation with the community’s  parents: specifically the mothers. In-country staff held a ‘Mother/Daughter Meeting’ with a successful turnout. The meeting’s ‘mother-centric’ approach hoped to facilitate a safe and open space for the community’s mothers to discuss the problems facing their girls and the obstacles that were impeding their access to education. Many mothers stood up and shared their personal experiences and possible solutions with one another. The meeting was the first stepping stone in getting the program initiative off the ground and to a successful start, by engaging the biggest stakeholders in their girls’ education. 



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One Response to Engaging Mothers in the Futures of Their Daughters

  1. charles owino says:

    Congratulations for the work the organization is doing in Africa.I would also like to know whether it provide grants to organization supporting education of vulnerable children in Kenya.

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