Mike Carter Turns Passion into Gift to Educate Children in East Africa

MikeCOver the past few years, Asante Africa Foundation Board Member,  Mike Carter, developed a passion for photography and recently began focusing on ways he can make a positive impact on people and the world around him through the lens.

This summer, Mike will have the opportunity to marry his passion with positive impact by helping children in East Africa realize and live their potential through the transformative power of education, in partnership with Asante Africa Foundation.

Recently, photographer Elley Ho and award-winning Creative Director, Heward Jue were awarded the 2013 Getty Images Creative Grant to create a video and print campaign for Asante Africa Foundation. Mike will be joining Elley and Heward in Kenya and Tanzania in July 2013 to work on the campaign whose theme will convey the powerful transformation that quality education has on the lives of East African children and their communities.

While there, Mike will be steadfastly working on his own campaign. His commitment and dedication will be the driving force for his campaign goal of raising $10,000 for Asante Africa Foundation. He is extending an invitation for anyone to join him on this exciting journey by contributing a donation to his efforts. Through Mike’s campaign, donors will have the opportunity to select and receive a beautiful photo taken by him during his trip this summer in Africa. All proceeds will benefit Asante Africa Foundation.

Please consider joining forces with Mike Carter this summer and help make a memorable impact.

Learn more about Mike Carter’s Campaign

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2 Responses to Mike Carter Turns Passion into Gift to Educate Children in East Africa

  1. consolata says:

    Hi, I have visited your site and am interested on what you do to help kids in east Africa especially from Kenya and Tanzania,Am Kenyan from south coast region having a project of helping vulnerable, needy and orphans kids from a deprived village of Maweni in Ukunda. Am requesting for your support ,how can I contact you send my proposal.

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