Paying it forward with The Life Transformers

Guest Post by Samson Nyongesa

Africa, education, children

Having attended Asante Africa Foundation’s Leadership Incubator twice, when I went to university I saw the need to help other young boys and girls navigate through various hurdles in their life to make it to their dreams. I decided to meet with classmates and together we formed The Life Transformers. The main agenda of the group is to help students know their dreams and to advise them about overcoming different problems. The Life Transformers also facilitated a session during the 2012 Asante Africa Foundation Leadership Incubator, which was a great success.

Making an impact in the slums of Nairobi
In the ears of many, when you mention Nairobi, what may come into their minds are the magnificent homes, good infrastructure and national schools. But the truth of the matter is that there are people who live in dire poverty characterized by poor infrastructure and a shortage of houses. One such place is Mukurwe Kwa Ruben. The Life Transformers and I paid a visit to one of the schools in the slums. When I entered the classes they reminded me of my life in high school. I felt moved by the conditions of the school and indeed I saw the need to “pay it forward”. My fellow Life Transformers and I were there to give advice, and we addressed a lot of issues. At the end of the day, the students and their teachers were appreciative and knew that if put into practice, it will have a great positive impact. Moreover we emphasized to all the students the need to work as a team, as the sense of helping each other is one of the keys for success. Apart from the encouragement, The Life Transformers used our practical life stories to drive the message home.

For my part, my own life experience was the testimony that no matter the environmental condition, determination and hard work pays. When I look back from where I have come from, I just can’t keep quiet. I have to help a youth somewhere, to at least be able to reach where I am.  My sincere appreciation goes to Asante Africa Foundation and The Life Transformers for helping me pay it forward. I believe this is just the genesis. There is more to come.


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3 Responses to Paying it forward with The Life Transformers

  1. AmySioux says:

    Most excellent post, Samson! Watching you grow and make such a positive impact is beyond words! My heart and soul are satisfied as I see what you are doing to improve the world around you. Keep it up, my friend!

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