The Gift Of Knowledge


Esther and  Elizabeth are the first in their families to experience high school.

Before attending the Leadership Incubator, Esther and Elizabeth had never met. But for two girls from different countries (Esther is from Kenya and Elizabeth is from Tanzania), they had a lot in common.  Both come from rural communities where the nearest school is 5-10 km away. Both come from large families and have struggled to remain in school either because they couldn’t afford the school fees or because their schools didn’t have adequate resources. Both have faced the risks of an early marriage that would have cut their education short.

Both have also benefited from the generosity of donors like you. Just a few weeks ago, both participated in the Leadership Incubator.  Because of donors like you, Esther and Elizabeth are now entering their first year of high school and transforming their homes, communities, countries and global perspectives.

Christmas is just around the corner.
It’s not too late to donate in honor of a loved one.
Visit to make a donation
and you will recieve a donation gift certificate.

92% of all donations go to our programs in
Kenya and Tanzania

When you give the gift of KNOWLEDGE your family and friends
will experience the joy of

  • Helping a child with a new uniform, shoes and school supplies for the school year 
  • Providing dedicated teachers with desperately needed textbooks and classroom resources
  • Funding a scholarship for one of our 18 students anxiously waiting to see if they will receive the opportunity to move forward into high school.

Give a gift that TRULY makes a difference, in your home and in the home of a child.

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