ASANTE SANA – A message from Erna, CEO/Founder

As September and Fall craziness begins, I wanted to pause and with the deepest of gratitude, acknowledge  YOU – for believing, for trusting, for supporting with your heart and your donations. I know you have a million things going in your life and many organizations vying for your time and funds.
It is with great gratitude and humility that I personally thank you for believing in this organization, and in these young people, and what can be achieved in the future. One young boy told us last December “ No one has ever told me before that I could have a dream”. That young boy is about to graduate with an A in high school.
This was the first time in our history that we attempted to do a “matching” challenge. We asked every BOD member ( in Kenya, Tanzania and North America) to be a part of this. As with anything that is done for the first time, there was a bit of fear and hesitation (I’m always pushing the envelope just a bit- chuckle ). Last weekend as I announced to the Board members what has been accomplished there was much joy, pride and humble hearts.
Because of you and your generosity, we raised $6900 and with our Board’s match, that will be $13,800. This means 92 students are going to the Leadership IncubatorOne of our Tanzania advisors asked me “ Why do total strangers believe so much?” That was a tough one to answer.
When we are with these students in the very near future –  We will tell them we are holding up a mirror for them to see just how amazing they are and that you are helping us hold up that mirror. We will look forward to sharing even more of their stories with you, so that you will know how your support helped make their dreams a reality.
Asante Sana,
Erna Grasz and the amazing Asante Africa Foundation leadership team in Kenya, Tanzania & North America

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