What is The Alton Maasai Project?

Asante Africa Foundation is excited to welcome Rimas Tankile Morris in late August 2012 as she travels to California to share her stories of what life is like for girls in Kenya, giving back to her community and the need for global outreach to rural villages.  Rimas considers herself one of the lucky few Maasai women to have “made it”. She now dedicates her life to educating others about life in African countries and giving back to the women and children of Kenya.  Ann and Bill Alton, who are close family friends and advocates for Rimas’ community, have teamed with Rimas on education and women’s rights.

Their endeavor has become known as The Alton Maasai Project and they have joined forces with the Asante Africa Foundation to build a nursery school that doubles in the evening as a women’s community learning center in Oldanyati, Kenya.  The nursery school will serve approximately 125 children, giving them an opportunity to start their education and build a strong foundation of knowledge. In the evening, the community learning center will provide literacy classes for the community’s women, giving them another chance to obtain an education.

Rimas is in the Bay Area a short time – August 22 to September 2, 2012.  She is eager to meet with schools, community groups, and individuals who would like to learn more about her work, the lives of children in Kenya, and the progress women are making in rural Kenyan communities.

LEARN MORE about connecting with Rimas and The Alton Maasai Project

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