Warm Heart of Africa – Tyler’s Journey in Arusha, Tanzania

Tyler McBrien, our Evaluation Research Intern, documents his summer internship with an infectious spirit of enthusiasm and excitement. Wonderfully crafted with slivers of humor, self-reflection and discovery, Tyler’s  firsthand account leaves us feeling like we are right there with him; experiencing Tanzania for the first time.

An excerpt from his blog:

I woke up Sunday (July 1st, for reference) at 6:30am. The city was already in full bloom, with people buzzing about with all manners of business. Here a man prying the hubcap off of an abandoned tire. There a woman coolly balancing a humorously large basket on her head. Another man scanning the crowd for unsuspecting mzungu backpackers with a handful of safari business cards. Calling Arusha a “small city” is entirely misleading. A small population seems a whole lot bigger when nearly every one of those people are out and about on the street—even before sunrise. And amazingly, I would soon become like those people, simply living in Arusha. Even though I had been working on analyzing surveys for Asante since before I left for Africa, my first meeting with the Tanzania team was only a few hours away, and the real work was about to begin!

TO READ MORE VISIT:  http://mysummerwithasante.tumblr.com/


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