Get Dressed for Success

Basic necessities such as paper, pencils and clothes for school play a significant part in ensuring that students will be able to maximize their potential in the classroom.

For East African children in Kenya and Tanzania a lack of such necessities are often what keep them out of the classroom. In East Africa, a school uniform is a required element that must be met before starting school, or returning to school year after year, once a child has outgrown it. Uniforms can help create a conducive learning environment and promote student rapport by lessening the disparity, and marginalization of peers based on ethnic and cultural differences.

But at $30, a school uniform and shoes is beyond the reach of many of these families. Most families live on less than $2 a day, and the inability to afford something as simple as a pair of shoes and a uniform compounds a child’s challenges of accessing quality education in their communities.

The significance of a school uniform represents more than just school clothes for these children. It represents the rare luxury of being in school and the chance for a brighter future that too few have an opportunity for.  A uniform can make that difference.


GET INSPIREDSecond Graders Unite for Uniforms!!


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