Julius – Grade 1 is on a Roll

JULIUS - Grade 1, Tanzania

Julius is a 6 year old boy in Tanzania. Like most 6 old boys, he enjoys playing with his friends, playing soccer, and getting dirty as he build forts out of stones and sticks.

Julius has had his share of struggles in his short life thus far. We first met Julius as a 3 year old attending the nursery school we helped build in Tanzania. At the time he was a street child, with only a mentally ill mother who frequent abused him with hot sticks from the fire. That has all changed for the better.

Due to the proactive involvement of the Principal at the Nursery School, partnering with Asante Africa, he was placed into a full time boarding school that accepted boarders in grade 1 ( very unusual). As he entered Class 1, he faced a different challenge. He was one student amongst 147 students with a single teacher with minimal teaching aids and materials.

We were excited to check in with Julius this past week to see how he was adjusting to his new school and how he was faring in such a big class.  When he heard that Albert, Asante Africa’s scholarship coordinator, was at the school office he came running. He had news to share. He stood very tall and he announced that he had scored very high on all his tests and he was ranked #5 out of 147 students. When he was teased about how could this be true, he loudly responded, “Truly, it is all True” with highly  animated body language as well as confident voice. He, naturally has to do a few photo poses with Albert and take a few photos himself to celebrate.

Julius is excited to see Albert- to share his good news

And then, Julius, as a happy boy went back to playing soccer and getting dirty with his friends after school.

Because of well intentioned global minded citizens,teachers, advocates, and donors who sponsor children like Julius, all of these children have a better chance with a stronger start and potentially a better life longer term. Asante Sana ( Many thanks to all of you).

Julius looks at the photos he just took


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