Leadership Academy Begins for 45 students in Africa

Everyone is loaded on the bus for transport to Jeremy Acadmy - where we will start our adventure together

The first night was about who we are and where we have come from. We started out tentative  becuase we did not know each other. After a few questions, a few laughs, and a few crazy behaviors we were laughing together and even hugging.

Students getting to know each other

We learned what values were, how could we begin to identify our values, and how our character is our core strength. We developed a poster of ourselves with our top 10 values inside the body (later in the week others would add to the poster of what they saw as our values when they interacted with you).

Samson shows us his values on his poster

We spent time discussing the  map of our dreams. If we are here and we want to be there>> then What is it? What does it feel like? Look like? Is it my dream or my parent’s/teacher’s dream?  Then we were fortunate to have career day speakers come talk to the students of their dreams, their careers and their struggles along the way to achieving  their dreams. That gave the students much to think about, a lot of confidence that they do not have to be perfect and that they can learn from struggling as long as they get back up again.

Success has some universal themes
Tenacity, patience, focus, commitment, curiosity, knowing ones self

It was impressive how these students were able to digest the quantity of information from the  many speakers, internalize it to their own situations and then relate their observations back to us. This came out in various ways through the days that followed.

The second evening, we watched  the movie “Invictus” about the South African struggle. That opened many eyes to other countries who have struggled as well.


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