SUSTAINABILITY – something to ponder

SUSTAINABILITY – what does that really mean???????????

Knowledge? motivation? money to buy parts? tools to do the work? knowing how to work the system from inside the civics system when you need permits? tenacity to not let the hardships of life beat you – All of the above.

  • We use this word –SUSTAINABILITY- so flippantly but when it comes down to making it real, it is really hard.

It is a life challenge  to  even keep your bicycle tires, and soccer balls pumped up and inflated  due to the huge acacia thorns that are everywhere.
Never mind a car engine needing parts, a windmill system, and solar panels. ( knowledge, motivation, money, time, transport, etc)
Diesel is so expensive that a generator a school get rationed based on when  school fees get paid.

How do we help our colleagues and leaders over here to create sustainability ( regardless of our own involvement)? We Americans want to measure everything. How do you measure sustainability when there are so many hardships and difficulities that play into any plan and process??

Food for thought???


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