Esilelai Nursery School (TZ) – School Lunches Now Available

Esilelai Nursery School

In an area hit hard by drought and high food prices, the children of Tanzanian Esilelai community were going hungry. The teachers and community leaders decided to implement what governments and NGOs are advocating for – a school lunch program – and were able to do so because of generous donor dollars.

Esilelai Nursery School became an Asante Africa Foundation partner school in 2008 and is an excellent example of successful donor collaborations put to work. This small nursery school originated under a baobab tree. Small children eager to learn gathered to hear stories, learn to write, and be engaged in their Maasai community. Thanks to the Maasai Wanderings Safari Company, it developed into a well-run school with structured facilities, classrooms, and play structures for the young children. Last year, 2009, you read about the toilet and sanitation facilities that were added through our efforts.

Esilelai Nursery School

This year we are excited to tell you about the “school lunch” program because of new kitchen facilities. This year, a donor who had visited Tanzania came home and raised enough money to build a kitchen facility and enabled the school to start the lunch feeding program. She heard of Esilelai’s needs and saw first-hand an immediate need to provide sustenance for the children who might otherwise not eat the entire day.

Esilelai Nursery School

Asante Africa Foundation was able to make Esilelai’s dream of providing basic nutrition to its children a reality. The coming together of a committed donor and a dedicated in-country partner made this project a true success. We look forward to building partnerships with individuals and groups who see a need and have a commitment to sharing our mission and vision.


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